Family Court Injustice

It’s been about a week and a half since we received an email from our lawyer that starts out saying…”With profound disappointment”…… Yeah, we pretty much knew what the judges decision was going to be but I have to say, it still hit me in a way I didnt expect. We were told by both of our lawyers not to get our hopes up because they could already read the judges behavior and they knew she was going to keep her eyes shut to what was going on. It was really hard for me to overcome the awful range of emotions I was going through though…even with all of the mental preparation I had done. I guess it never ceases to amaze me how Angelica continues to get away with her lies.

As we were driving farther and farther away from NYC we knew this trip marked the end of an era. Our lawyer is retiring…plus he doesnt handle appeals, so one way or another this was going to be our last appearance with him. We’ve worked with him and his assistant for over 3 years and our case was very close to their heart…they are disheartened that they werent able to get the judge to overturn that default judgement from 2011.

With mixed emotions we have to move on without them now. That’s an unsettling feeling….and the worst part about it is that we only have 30 days from the date we received the judges decision to submit an appeal.

The good news is, we may have found the perfect duo to shake dis sh*t up! I was scouring the internet, for probably the millionth time, but THIS time I stumbled upon something unbelievable. If you are struggling with PA and you live in the NYC or surrounding areas, check out these 2 websites:

Dads America

Family Unity

Bruce Eden, Dads America, is a paralegal who does all the paperwork. He has been a Father in the trenches and has been helping other Fathers for 22 years.

Dr. Monty Weinstein is an expert pertaining to PAS…or Parental Alienation Syndrome. He’s a pretty famous Dude, or as he told me when we were talking on the phone….”I’m world renowned”. Yep, he travels the country…and worldwide, to promote Parental Rights and Family Unity. He speaks on it, defends parents in court battles and he and his organization handle many types of therapies and assessments.

Dr. Monty has a book:

I’ve spoken to both Bruce and Dr. Monty…they are great guys that have each spent their time in our shoes, at the mercy of Family Court and having to deal with ex’s that were unreasonable.

At this point we have about 15 days to submit an appeal. We will hire a new attorney to do this for us. If we win….we will work with Bruce and Dr. Monty to hopefully finally get some justice.


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