On the Road Again

I can’t believe it’s been three months from our last court date already! Sitting in that courtroom back in September when we learned about Gia’s mental state, our November court date seemed so far away…and now here we are at the end of February, back on the road, heading once again to NYC with the hope that this may be the time we are granted an actual hearing and even more importantly, we might finally be able to have a visit with Gia.

Quite a bit has happened since September….and also at the same time, not enough has happened.

On our way to court in November we received a very distressing phone call….our lawyer had a death in his family so he wouldnt be able to be there for us in court. We felt so terrible for him and his family…but we were terrified for us. Three years of chasing Angelica around, 2 States, 2 courts, 4 judges, 4 lawyers, a LOT less money later…and now when the judge was going to make the decision we’ve been waiting for, our lawyer wasn’t going to be able to be there!! He was supposed to fire off our Grand Finale and to fight the barracuda woman (Angelica’s Fraggle Rock lawyer) so now what were we going to do??!

Our lawyer gave us the option to reschedule the court appearance or to have his assistant, Faith, fill in for him…and truthfully, we didnt think she would be able to handle it. So to try and save the day, I contacted a lawyer that we have been talking to that we may hire later on to bring a defamation of character lawsuit against Angelica. He happened to be free during the time our appearance was scheduled for..so we hired him to just represent us that day along with Faith. Turns out, they made a great team! This new lawyer came up with a plan to stall the judges decision to buy us more time…and it worked! Having him in the court made everyone a bit nervous wondering what we had up our sleeve. It was a great strategic move.

That day was crazy. I knew the minute the barracuda walked into the courtroom, she had it in for me. As she entered, she leaned to the bailiff and told him something as she pointed at me. I figured that she was warning him that she was going to have me escorted out. She did, but not before she tried to get me in trouble with the judge for creating a GoFundMe page, where I told the whole ugly story about Angelica’s psycho behavior and her plan to keep Gia all to herself. She also tried to get both of us in trouble for calling CPS on Angelica a few times. We had very legitimate concerns for Gia’s safety, especially after CPS closed the first investigation and a couple weeks after that Gia was in the hospital for self harm. We were furious that they labeled the case “Unfounded” so we thought they needed to have an update on the situation they deemed safe. Well, the judge wasn’t having any of that which just made Angelica and her lawyer look stupid. But she did succeed in being able to make me leave the courtroom, although the judge was extremely nice about it and basically looked at me with a “please just humor her idiotness”…so I obliged.

She really thought she pulled one over on us but fast forward almost 3 months and WE are the ones laughing now! Ol barracuda, she just couldnt resist, she just had to try and get one last dig in before court. She made a rogue move and decided to send those 2 unfounded CPS reports to our lawyer, with quite a bit redacted, but with still plenty of evidence to cause great concern for Gia’s well being. The only reason she sent it was to throw it in our face that they were “Unfounded” and to tell us to stop harassing her client. I’m honestly still shocked she could be so stupid as to think our lawyer wouldn’t scour those papers to find anything we could use to prove what we were trying to get the judge to see. So our lawyer requested that we be able to submit them for the courts consideration…but…we requested that the judge review them without all of the redactions. So this means that the judge will be able to see even more than we saw!

So here we are, waiting and wondering. We have 2 hours until we arrive in Manhattan and tomorrow is our court date. I’m sure Angelica and her lawyer are sweatin bullets right now, regretting that they tossed those reports over to us…but our main concern is for Gia. If Angelica is freaking out, that would mean that shes taking it out on Gia. Where is she? Is she safe? We sent a letter to Gia’s guardian ad litem to ask him to carefully read these CPS reports too and to please be mindful of all that’s happened in the past. Within a week before each of our last 4 court dates Gia has ended up in the hospital. Is anyone keeping an eye on her safety this time?

Sending Gia her Phoenix…sweet girl, you are forever in our hearts and minds. Stay strong!


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