When You Least Expect It…..

The last few days leading up to today have been busy, stressful and anxiety producing. Real life doesn’t stop just because you have an upcoming court date…you still have work, kids sports etc. and various other obligations.

On Thursday afternoon we received the affidavit our lawyer wrote to respond to Amy’s demand to have our motion of “Request for Custody Modifications” dismissed. It was awesome! They used the 6 pages I wrote that included timelines and cross references from all of the reports and evidence we have to prove Steve’s innocence. But as wonderful as the affidavit was, it threw our life into yet another time of stress and chaos. All of a sudden we are having to scramble around to try to get it printed, signed and notorized….with a “we need you to do this tonight and overnight it back to us”. Ummm, I looked at my watch…..did they even realize that it was 7:40pm??! Where did they think that we would be able to find a notary at this time of night? The banks were all closed. Even if we were able to find a notary, would we be able to make it to a FedEx location before they closed? And how the heck much was this all gonna cost?! Oh, and by the way….our printer was running out of ink! Seriously?
Anyway….yeah, life is definitely interesting. Just when you think ya got it all planned and figured out, life throws you a curve ball. To me, life is very much like the show “The Amazing race”. Sometimes things are smooth sailing and relaxing, but dont get too comfortable, because before ya know it you are running sprints and leaping over hurdles and trying not to get eaten by the lions.
So yeah, that brings me back to this morning. With all of life’s interruptions we were handed this past week, we were nowhere near ready to start our trek towards NYC. I was all keyed up last night, realizing I was way behind the 8 ball and this was NOT how I wanted to start the day today.
I woke up earlier than I had planned to, couldn’t sleep….too much on my mind and to much to do for pete sakes!! I rolled out of bed and as I slid my feet into my slippers our 2 dogs sleepily hopped out of bed and headed to the front door. Potty time. Instead of just letting them out, I stepped outside, something that I dont I usually do in the morning because honestly all I’m thinking about at that point is, “I need coffee”. As I was glancing around the yard my eyes stopped on a mysterious looking stick protruding out of the tall weeds near the side of our property….we live on 7 acres with hardwoods and a pond. I did a double take and squinted harder, what on earth was that? Then I see TWO long “sticks” protruding from the grass. All of a sudden the “sticks” started moving…I couldn’t believe what I was seeing…it was 2 peacocks, a male and a female.
Mind you, we’ve lived here for 8 years and I’ve NEVER seen a peacock! We’re out in the country so we see all kinds of animals…but peacocks aren’t wild animals. Not to mention I’ve never heard a peacock….their calls to each other are unmistakable. If you’ve ever heard one, you would never forget it. I was stunned and baffled…but just as soon as I locked eyes with them, they slowly disappeared into the underbrush. I stood there, did I just see what I thought I saw?? Where did they come from. Where are they going??
I excitedly woke Steve up to tell him. He said, isnt that some kind of sign? I thought to myself a minute and decided, yeah…he’s right. So I looked it up and found out that the peacock represents honor, integrity and the importance of facing life’s challenges, as well as the unknown, with courage and confidence.
Throughout history the peacock has been likened to the Phoenix, the mythical bird that recycles it’s own life. The Phoenix ignites itself into a magnificent fire when it perceives it is going to die, then in time it reemerges from it’s own ashes-reborn, renewed and alive once again. The symbolism in this is that the person who’s animal spirit guide is the Phoenix, has risen from flames as a winner, defeating life’s challenges and hard times.Like the Phoenix, the peacock exudes confidence and encouragement to toss away the old to make way for the new.

The sign we were given this morning, we believe, is a message that has blessed us with comfort and strength. We are carrying this with us while we are driving the first leg of our trip today, and will take it with us as we enter the courtroom on Thursday morning. We are also thinking about our Gia, and we send our Phoenix to her today in Faith that she will be able to emerge from HER flames to be reborn into a new life where she won’t have to be a prisoner of fear and isolation any longer….and she can live her life surrounded by the love of her family and in the comfort that the world is hers to experience and enjoy.
For Gianna

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