Dark Days

It’s taken me over a month to be emotionally able to write this post. Back in September as we were traveling towards NYC and I was writing my last post, we were hopeful and encouraged that this hearing would be the one where we would FINALLY be able to present all of our evidence and the court would see that Steve’s ex wife, Angelica, orchestrated a selfish plot to keep their daughter all to herself. We just knew that the judge would have to see that what she did was in actuality child abuse. She would see that this child was being held prisoner in a life of fear and in hiding, and that she was being made to believe disgusting lies about her Father whom she loved dearly.


All of our hope was shattered when we arrived at the courthouse. The following is the Facebook post I wrote once we were back in our room as Steve and I were sitting, in silence….still in shock and in a tremendous amount of fear, pain and grief.


It’s with a very heavy heart that I am writing this. It didnt go well at all today.

The first thing that we got hit with when we entered the courthouse was that Gia was in the hospital…a mental hospital, and shes been there for a week already. And this wasnt the first time…she was admitted in July too. Then….we find out it’s because she had tried to commit suicide. So now Gia is in danger of self harm due to her Mother’s lies and torment. Angelica must be working on her hard for Gia to be this unstable. Filling her head with all kinds of horrible worries and thoughts. We are devastated and scared to death for her safety.

About the actual hearing. Steve and I didnt realize that we are still fighting for the RIGHT to have a hearing about this. This judge is very reluctant to even consider giving us an opportunity to present all the evidence that was never considered in the first place. So as it stands at this point….

We have to gather some extra paperwork to prove some things about a prior hearing that was held in Vegas, and then we have to return to court Nov 27. But that’s only to continue to fight for the right to have a hearing. So essentially if we can convince the judge in November, we will have yet another court date and that would be our first opportunity to see Gia. This just adds to our fear for her mental health and physical safety.

It’s been a very difficult and emotional day for us…we are now trying to make sense of all of this and to get to the point mentally where we are strong enough to pick up the pieces and trudge forward. We do it for Gia…always. Please keep Gia, Steve and I, our family and this situation in your prayers…

We are currently 19 days from our next court date. We have submitted the paperwork that the judge requested along with a statement about the reality of the situation. The statement without a doubt shows clearly Angelica’s lies. We requested that this whole mess be totally investigated….for Gia to be removed from Angelica’s custody, immediate therapeutic visitation with Steve and for forensic evaluations to be done on Steve, Angelica and Gia.

We are back to being hopeful but we live in constant fear for Gia’s health and safety. Praying that the judge will step in to protect a child that desperately needs protection.


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